Counseling or Therapy—What is it?

   Is it a “You say tomato, I say tomahto,” thing?  Probably!  Many use these two words interchangeably these days to refer to the process of psychotherapy. defines counseling as “professional guidance in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems,” and therapy as “the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative process.”  Neither term alone really captures how I see the process.

   I am about more than providing professional guidance; we work together in partnership, truly collaborating as we bring forward the best that we each have to share in enabling the growth, healing, and increased well-being that you desire.

   And, my training in Family Systems does not lead me to think in terms of disease or disorder; I conceptualize instead in terms of functionality, positive resources, and authenticity.  For example, is a coping mechanism you learned as a young person serving you well as a mature adult?  What might be more effective, more in alignment with how you want to live now?


My Clients

   I see individuals, couples and families in my private practice.  Many of the people I am currently serving came to me as referrals from previous clients, and some found my information on the internet through one of the selected therapist directories where I am listed.         

   Many clients come in, complete a bit of work, take a break, and return to therapy some time later when the need or desire becomes apparent.

   My individual clients are most often dealing with anxiety and depression; grief and loss; stress management; life transitions; recovery from trauma; career or school concerns; and relationship issues.  I see adolescents and all ages of adults.  I generally see young children in the context of family therapy.

   I especially love working with couples—heterosexual, as well as, same sex—and families.  I am pleased to report that my profile is listed on the web site.  That listing reflects my belief that most long-term relationships can be improved dramatically if both partners want to do the growing that is often required.  Despite the prevailing myth in our culture, good marriages don’t just happen—they require hard work.  Love is not enough.

   Family therapy is a particularly effective approach, and I wish that more families would seek professional assistance when going through a difficult patch.  Often, several sessions of family therapy can help you deal much more effectively with your concerns around parenting, divorce, step-parenting and the creation of a blended family, infertility, adoption, substance abuse, and school success.


The Process

   Our initial consultations will focus on determining your individual needs and hopes for the therapy process.  We then develop a relationship based in trust, confidentiality and non-judgment.  Together we will set goals for our collaborative work, aims that are practical and attainable, and that will challenge the thoughts and behaviors that are currently keeping you “stuck” and unable to create the life you desire.


Paper Work and Fees

   My practice is fee for service; I do not accept insurance nor do I participate in any managed care programs.  My usual fee is $125-$150, and I do negotiate reduced fees with a small portion of my practice.  If you require a reduced fee, please discuss this with me during our first phone conversation or initial consultation, and I will explain my negotiation process. 

   You can complete the necessary paperwork at your first session.  Plan to arrive about five minutes early.  I look forward to seeing you at OUR SPACE!



To contact us:

Mary Anne Reed PhD


1409 S Lamar St #416

Dallas, TX 75215