Coaching is…


· Grounded in a partnership.  The purpose of the partnership is to assist you in identifying and achieving your life goals.  We work together to determine what you want, how you can create it, and what might be getting in the way of your creation.  As your coach, my role is to:

· Listen deeply,

· Provide objective feedback,

· Help you reflect to find greater clarity,

· Nudge your thinking to a new place, and

· Assist you in holding yourself accountable

· So that you can maximize your potential!


· About accountability.  Together we fashion a context where you are able to hold yourself responsible for creating the life you want.  One way we accomplish this is by breaking down the required forward movement into successive, attainable steps.


· Focused on the future.  While therapy is often about uncovering the influence of the past on your current life, the focus in our coaching dialogue is on how you can move from your life in the present to your desired future. 





To contact us:

Mary Anne Reed PhD


1409 S Lamar St #416

Dallas, TX 75215